Latest Projects – September 2017

Boy have I been busy.  Lots of projects were completed but I also have ones I started or were already started.  I decided it might be easier to list it all out based on type of crafting lol.  Sometimes I think I’m a “Jack of all Trades, but a Master of None” lol

Recently completed


I got a Cricut back in June and have been having fun with it since.

Created these 4 wine glasses for “Wine Night” with my neighbors:

I created a bunch of wine glasses for my daughter and a couple of her friends (one I kept):

Made this sign for a friends wedding gift:

I made this sign for another friend with her favorite poem:

Created a car decal for my truck with my information on it – free advertising, can’t beat that 🙂


And a water bottle for my daughter (made me one too):

I also made this banner for my cousin’s son’s birthday party – he loves Dodge:

I even made labels for the mini mason jars I’m using to store my herbs in so i can mix and match them for tea:


I finished socks for my daughter:

And also a ear warmer/headband for her:

Currently working on


My brown Spiral Yoke sweater – pattern by Meg Swansen –  completed the sleeves and body.  Just started the spiral yoke and then it will be done.

Making a new scarf with some really soft/silky yarn.  Can’t wait to finish it so I can wear it.

Another brown sweater to finish eventually 🙂


Got a good start to my daughter’s mermaid tail lap blanket but then took a break.  Will get back to it after the brown sweater.

Spinning Wheel

Nothing at the moment but will start that up now that it is getting cooler out.  Hmmm need to reorganize my living room again so I can use my wheel next to the fire place.  🙂


What’s playing on Audible:

The First King of Shannara– by Terry Brooks.  I decided last year to listen to the whole “series” in chronological order when they aired Season 1 of the Shannara Chronicles.  I have already read/listened to most of the books but wanted a refresher and in order.  Season 2 is to start on the 11th of October and I can’t wait.  I’m using this list from Terry Brooks site and I’m almost to the book where Season 1 of the TV show started from.  I hear Season 2 will be the time in between 2 books (The Elfstones & The Wishsong) a year after Season 1 ended.

Whew, that’s a lot.  What have you all been up to?  Hopefully having fun while you do it.  I sure was. 🙂

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