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As a crafter, I have an account on knittergirl39 (you can add me if you wish to).  I know you can keep your projects on there but sometimes I like to keep track of things on paper.  Sometimes it’s easier to have with the pattern right next to it.  Or if I’m thinking of a design in my mind and want to sketch it out, well you really can’t sketch it out on Ravelry.  That is why I created my Craft Project Planner pages:

Craft Project Planner page – full view

I created this form to track the following items:

Craft Project Planner page – top half
  • what type of project it is
  • if I have somebody in mind who I’m planning on making it for
  • simple name to give it
  • a section for materials that I have and materials that I need to get
  • a started and finished date
  • pattern name if following a pattern
  • the size that is being made


  • a section for materials – both what I already have and what
    Craft Project Planner page – bottom half

    I need to purchase


  • a section to draft out a sketch you want the item to look
  • a section to take notes of your progress, changes to pattern, where you left off, etc.


I designed it to fit into my planner which uses half-letter sized sheets.

I can use this while I’m working on the project and then transfer it to Ravelry later if I want to.

So whether I’m sewing, knitting, or crocheting I can do a simple drawing to get an idea of how I want it to look, add some measurements, use it as a shopping list and a way to track my progress.

You could create one like this in Word, Excel or even just by hand on a piece of paper.  If you are interested in using my Craft Project Planner page, follow this link to my Etsy shop.

Thanks for reading…

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