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Landing Page

A one stop shop kind of way to get yourself or your small business on the web fast. Your visitors do not have to leave this page to see what you want to say. They can just scroll down or use the menu to move to the different sections. This page is an example of a Landing Page. Once you are on the web and have made your presence known, you can then move to the Simple Site.

Simple Site

This consists of up to four simple pages. Examples of the pages would be: Home, Services, About, and Contact. This site would use a navigation bar to move between the pages. It is similar to the Landing page but each section would be on it's own page. The benefits of a Simple Site vs a Landing Page is each page has more room to get indepth with what you want to share. You can use a Landing Page (as maybe the Home page) in a Simple Site with links in each section to learn more about it.


WordPress could be used either for a Blog or a regular site. One of the advantages of using WordPress is it will be easier to edit the content on any of the pages without having to open up the code. WordPress offers the ability to add plugins to do many different tasks such as offering a Newsletter, increasing security and increasing your SEO. A Blog is helpful in communicating to your visitors and allowing them to communicate back to you in their comments. This helps in giving your site a personal touch with your visitors.


Here are just some examples of my work


WordPress Blog

Victoria Bathory

WordPress Blog

Becky's Ramblings

WordPress Blog

Travel Site

Landing Page

Election Map

Example of JavaScript posibilites

Weather API App

More JavaScript with API


A little story about me

  • Early life of the Web

    Humble Beginnings

    I started playing with HTML and CSS years ago. I eventually created my first site: www.shozbot.us (it was first '.com' then changed to '.us'). I came up with the site name when trying to think of an address that wouldn't be taken. Mork from Ork's saying of "Shozbot" came to mind and I liked it.

  • December 2015

    The Freelance Bug is Born

    I completed the Skillcrush WordPress blueprint which included a section on getting started with Freelancing. I really enjoyed working with the development of WordPress and realized it is a great service to offer to others. I started taking course after course of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and several frameworks like Bootstrap.

  • January 2017

    Transition to Freelancing Service

    After completing a Front-End Developer blueprint from Skillcrush and other front-end dev courses including courses with Node.js, NPM and Gulp, I feel confident that I have the skills to offer my services with developing sites for others. Whether it is a single landing page or a WordPress site with blog. I know I can create something wonderful for my clients.

  • Be Part
    Of The


There are four phases

Discovery Phase

This is the initial phase usually where we do the first phone calls or meetings. This is also where we do research, planning and schduling. The site structure or site map is created.

Creative Phase

This phase the UI/UX designs are created. Then wireframing is completed and approved. Finally the full web design mockups are shared.

Development Phase

The designs are converted into HTML/CSS code. Additional web development is completed (ie WordPress). All the code is then tested across major browsers.

Launch Phase

The final phase covers the review of the final developed site. Questions are answered along with initial training of the site. Moving of the local site to the live server is completed.

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